Electronic fire protection system – use of kitchens

Dear students,


you must have noticed that on Sunday, November 7, 2021, firefighters intervened at Roosevelt Dormitory and the dormitory was evacuated. Fortunately, it was a false alarm. The reason was that the fire sensors in the kitchen, installed as part of the Electronic Fire Protection System, reported smoke. Due to the fact that the dormitory is used for collective accommodation and it represents an increased fire danger, we have newly established a direct connection to the fire brigade (HZS), which responds immediately to reports and arrives at the site.

Based on the contract we have concluded, HZS charges us CZK 2,955 for a false alarm departure. As future economists, it must be clear to you that this amount does not cover the real cost of such an action. In the event of another recurrence, there is a risk that the HZS could start charging us real costs, which would probably be several times the current amount, regardless of the possibility of further sanctions.

Due to the fact that it was negligence and carelessness in the preparation of food in the kitchen, the culprit was charged the costs of action of the HZS together with the administrative costs of FMD  CZK 500 to the account in ISKAM.

It is therefore essential that all accommodated persons strictly respect the ban on smoking, the ban on the use of open fires and take the utmost care when preparing food, not moving away from the kitchen until the food is finished and ensuring that all appliances are properly switched off and eliminate the risk that the sensors could detect smoke. Therefore, it is also necessary that no food remains stay in the kitchens, especially on the hobs.

Violation of these principles will be considered by FMD as a gross violation of the dormitory regulations and the General Accommodation Conditions, and the culprits will be terminated in the dormitory.


In Prague on 8th November

Ing. Ota Zima, CSc., MBA

FMD VSE director

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